Why Choose Ridgemont?


We are committed to 100% client satisfaction. If you reach out to us, you will be connected to a person who is there to help and guide you in your decision making. We want to establish a relationship with our clients and meet their individual needs. We have great relationships with all our carriers to ensure things are taken care of in a timely manner.


As our client, you are number one! Prompt customer service is our goal; you’ll always hear back from us within 24 business hours. We have made it easy for you to get a hold of us; you have the option to pick up the phone, type a quick email, visit our website, hop on LinkedIn or Facebook or yes, even send us a fax! We’d love to hear from you!


We are proactive with the big picture and small details when it comes to the world of insurance. The insurance industry is constantly evolving and changing, how do you stay in the loop? We strive to keep up with the current events such as mergers and new laws that effect our clients. We pass along news that is worth sharing; keeping you in the loop automatically. We handle your account in a proactive manner by providing timely renewal notices, a mid-year trend analysis and service your account to avoid potential problems. We take charge early on to prevent potential problems down the road.


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